YouTube Algorithm

YouTube Algorithm

YouTube Algorithm

YouTube is a platform for sharing quality videos. But now YouTube is not just that. There are lots of funny videos on YouTube. Those of you who want to have income can pledge it to YouTube. It turns out that on YouTube you can make it even more maniacal. Who would have thought that on YouTube there are many things that are enough to attract the attention of the audience?

Some of the things that many people on YouTube have to learn are about algorithms. So far, there are still many people who just interpret an algorithm. I know on youtube there is an important algorithm like Clomid24

– Title

From the correct title, it can invite many people to watch the video that was made. With the right title including a keyword that all YouTubers must solve. The right title will bring thousands of viewers in 1 day.

– Description
If you have optimized the title but there are not many viewers, what you need to optimize again is the description. Because there is a description that can help viewers find out about the video they are looking for. In the description column, you can fill in the tags or links related to the videos you made.

– Number of views

The number of views cannot be included in the total viewing time. But with an increasing number of views, there is a big chance that people will search for your videos.

– Comment
An interesting video will definitely have a variety of comments. The more people who comment on your video, the more YouTube will read that your account is active. Apart from that, the embedded comments will later invite title seekers to your account.

– Like
Usually, comments and likes are one unit. The more comments and likes, the more video recommendations. Because there are many likes on the video, the video is declared the best. Of course, even if your video has 1 subscriber, it will support other videos.

– Watch time

When watching a video, if you watch it until it’s finished, your video is very useful. But if your video is only watched at the beginning or at the end then your audience is less interested in the videos that you have.

Sometimes there are videos that have a very large number of views but very few likes. But that doesn’t matter. Because videos that have been watched to the end are something to be proud of. People who watch a video that’s finished are of course people who really like the way it’s delivered.

– Metadata
Metadata data has a meaning where meta is a basic description while data is information. The metadata data is associated with an appropriate tag, link, and title. Of course, to find the right keywords you need to check up to a bigger stage.